Touko Hujanen is a photojournalist based in Helsinki, Finland. He concentrates on long term reportage projects. His work has been published for example in The New York Times, Time, Esquire and Helsingin Sanomat. He is the chairman of Finnish photojournalists Yksitoista collective and publisher of Uuden Maan Sanomat newspaper. He has won multiple awards including photojournalist of the year (2019, 2018), press photographer of the year (2011) and young press photographer of the year (2009) in Finland. He has graduated from the University of Tampere masters program of visual journalism. In recent years Hujanen has been covering areal themes in Finland. He has done projects about self-sufficiency, Finnish mythology and the future of agriculture in the Boreal Region. According to the 2020 Happiness Report, Finland is the happiest country in the world, third time in a row. Hujanen is interested in the concept of happiness in Finland. What are the elements of Finnish happiness? What parts of the Finnish lifestyle should be conserved in the era of environmental disasters? How should our lifestyle adapt and what should we cherish in our tradition? By looking at these local questions Hujanen wants to understand the global post-industrial world moving into a post-fossile era. He believes that local is global.